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Absolutely Everything You Need From 1000's Of Sources Worldwide

Here are TWELVE reasons why you should buy from Hotel Makeover:


Most FF&E dealers focus on relatively few product lines and sell the same limited selection of products to everybody.  That limits you.  Hotel Makeover focuses on your unique needs and your ability to compete in your marketplace.  Then we find, purchase or custom build the exact right products for your operation, with dedication and allegiance only to YOU.  Call us when you want the exact right items to meet your goals.


Most dealers work regularly with fewer than 100 vendors.  Hotel Makeover, on the other hand, routinely purchases from more than 1000 vendors worldwide.   The benefits to YOU are far more choices and much better pricing. 


Hotel Makeover is one of very few dealers who place professional purchasing agents at your disposal.  Our buyers know furniture manufacturing from the inside out and negotiate hard with vendors and manufacturers to get the best possible prices, delivery positions, product specifications and warranties for YOU.


Logistics is the missing link in most FF&E transactions.  When products arrive late and warranties aren’t managed or honored, YOU LOSE!  Logistics management is included FREE with every purchase at Hotel Makeover.


Hotel Makeover was founded by former hospitality operators with years of experience in hotels, restaurants, airlines and institutional foodservice.  We know exactly what you go through every day and we know the importance of meeting your needs after the sale.  Most other dealers have never been in your shoes and don’t even know what your needs are!


Hotel Makeover offers the most complete range of quality in the business – from the least expensive promotional furniture to the highest priced, highest end specialties.   They all have their place but, until now, it’s been difficult for end users to determine differences.  We know our products from the inside out and can explain why products are priced differently and what those differences mean to you.  Call us any time for advice without bias, exaggeration or sales pressure. 


1.       Submit A PIP or Request For Proposal

If your property is designed and you have a prepared bid specification, send it, email it or fax it to us for a FAST Total Bid Proposal.  We can purchase, ship, stage, and install absolutely everything you need for any hospitality project. 

Do you need a design or bid specification?  Click Here

2.       Call or Email Us

At Hotel Makeover we’re at our best when we tackle projects and FF&E problems that no one else can solve.  We have more sources than most other dealers and the in-house capacity to design and build or commission anything!  We routinely create custom casegoods, carpets, architectural components, flooring systems, lighting and upholstery to give our clients great marketing advantages.   Contact Us

In projects with quantity needs Hotel Makeover’s custom options are often no more expensive than our competitors’ standard products!   


“Direct” pricing isn’t always the best pricing?  Here's why Hotel Makeover is often cheaper:

  • Hospitality Pricing Is Dynamic.  That means that prices can fluctuate dramatically based on market, manufacturing conditions, raw materials issues and/or internal shipping costs.  Our purchasing experts deal with your manufacturers every day so we know their needs and your opportunities.   When you deal only occasionally with manufacturers you can’t possibly know when and if you’re getting the best price.
  • The Manufacturers You See Are Often NOT The REAL Manufacturers!    Many items that you see with manufacturers names on them are really manufactured by sub-manufacturers and simply resold to you.  Our professional purchasers know many of the factories and small shops that build for the name manufacturers and often buy directly from them to save you money.
  • Your Franchise Supply Is NOT Wholesale.  Just as all dealers, your franchise supply buys from manufacturers and marks up the price to pay for their expenses.  Your franchisor rarely pays less than traditional dealers and most operate at far higher margins.  
  •  Internal Construction Influences Pricing. When you buy directly from anybody's catalog, you get standard items and basic production pricing.  However, because we know the products you buy from the inside out, we can often recommend changes you will never see but that cost the manufacturers far less to build.  Conversely, we can recommend changes that increase prices fractionally but dramatically lower your ongoing operational and maintenance costs and/or extend your product life expectancies.  Either way, you can use our expertise to save thousands of dollars.