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The average hospitality project involves from 300,000 to more than 1 million elements.   

Logistics is the process that puts all the pieces together in the right order at the right time so you don't lose money or time due to mis-coordination.  

In the complex business of opening or remodeling hospitality projects, problems, delays and errors occur continuously and cascade to create real – and often massive – time and budget disasters.

Example 1 A simple dye shortage at the sub manufacturing level delays a yarn delivery to a carpet manufacturer ⇒ that delays a carpet production ⇒ that delays delivery to the project until after the case goods are delivered ⇒ that creates unforeseen storage problems and costs ⇒ that causes multiple handlings and casegoods damage ⇒ and delays the opening or reopening of the project ⇒ all of which causes substantial financial loss.

Example 2:  Based upon franchisor recommendations, an architect specifies an imported piece of commercial kitchen equipment with a particular electrical configuration.  When the project is bid, the unit is in stock in this country but, upon purchase, the local stock is depleted.  It will take 20 weeks to get the appliance from Italy, but the project is scheduled to open in eight weeks.

The Results:  Thousands of dollars of unforeseen cost and weeks of delays that the purchasers – and the FF&E dealers – never saw coming!

Few Dealers Provide True Logistics Management

When you purchase FF&E, your dealer spends very little time and money to transfer your order to the various manufacturers involved.

 Monitoring your orders, however, requires extensive labor cost and systems. Most dealers can’t or won’t incur that expense.  The result is that they – and you – never know the exact status of your order until it’s too late to protect your self.

Hotel Makeover’s Proactive Logistics Management Services

Hotel Makeover believes that proactive logistics management is a critical missing link in most FF&E transactions.  We include it FREE when you purchase from us, or you can purchase our logistics services separately.  The ultimate responsibility for timely deliveries, of course, falls upon the various manufacturers and shipping companies involved, but we monitor the progress of each step beginning the day of your order. We even developed a proprietary electronic monitoring system to assess the progress (often daily) of every order you place, and to forecast the needs for notification or intervention.

In Example 1, above, Hotel Makeover would have identified the problem, assessed the delay, and given the purchaser the option of delaying the casegoods shipment or re-designing the color scheme to employ more readily available yarns.  

 In Example 2, above, Hotel Makeover would have identified the problem, assessed the delay, and researched the availability of other electrical configurations, alternate appliances, or alternate brands. We would have then discussed our findings with the purchaser, his architect or electrical contractor and/or the franchiser, and implemented the options selected. 

The Results:  Hotel Makeover saves critical time – and potentially thousands of dollars – for more clients.

 We monitor the following elements when you purchase DESIGN services from us:

  • Concept Design
  • Budget Development
  • Architectural Coordination
  • Engineering Coordination
  • Financing Coordination
  • Detail Design
  • Availability Determinations
  • Design Approvals
  • Preparation of Specifications and Bid Documents

We monitor the following elements when you purchase FF&E from us:

  • Final Pricing
  • Order Entry
  • Order Receipt
  • Scheduling of Sub-Manufactured Components
    • This is important because most manufacturers assemble parts they buy from other sources.  For example, your upholstered items can’t be manufactured until the manufacturer receives the frames, cushions, screws, and upholstery fabrics he purchases from other sources.
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Docking
  • Shipping
  • Warranty Administration

We monitor the following elements when you purchase INSTALLATION services from us::

  • Construction Coordination
  • Staging
  • Installation
  • Utility Hookups
  • Inspection and Touch-up

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