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Hotel Makeover designs in all  market segments and creates hospitality projects that stand out from the crowd to attract more and  better clients.   Our creative and innovative designers are among the best in the business. Call us TODAY  and get:

  1. The environment you want to market and provide to your guests.
  2. Affordability and maintainability of all of your facility and decor systems.
  3. FF&E and decor choices you can't find yourself from 1000's of suppliers worldwide. 
  4. Detailed specifications for every item and service you purchase to assure that vendors sell you precisely what you need.
The Battle For Bookings
Design is the marketing tool that creates the product you sell, and sets the stage for the competition you face every day to attract and keep guests.  We take your success seriously, so our designers are always supervised by highly experienced hospitality operators and marketers who contribute perspectives other designers don't have and assure that your unique project will reflect your life, your goals, your ability to attract and keep guests, your ability to buy the exact right items at the exact right price, and your ability to affordably maintain those items. 
Exceptional Capabilities
Every day we design unique and compelling rooms, lobbies, exteriors, pools, lighting, conference facilities, custom carpet and custom furniture, but our experience runs far deeper. We have also designed churches, cathedrals, high end residences, many commercial and institutional kitchens, fine dining and fast food facilities, time share projects, office lobbies, total building re-configurations, and even commercial airline interiors. Put our experience to work and add more dimension, style and innovation to your project.
Hotel Makeover’s designers are among the best in the industry. All are degreed, experienced, members of the American Society of Interior Designers and specially trained by Hotel Makeover.  
Because we do many things we can afford to price design services at lower margins than other designers of our caliber.  In fact, at Hotel Makeover, professional design prices start at an incredibly low 35¢ per square foot. That's less than even 1% of typical hospitality construction costs.  Yet our work provides up to 70% of the revenue potential you generate by creating attractive interior and exterior experiences. 
Hotel Makeover even refunds up to 100% of your design fees back if you purchase some or all of your FF&E and/or construction services from us. 

Hotel Makeover’s experienced full-time ASID designers create interior and exterior designs that keep your guests coming back.  With an eye on current and future trends, we will bring your property up-to-date at minimal cost.  We know all of the current hotel flag specifications and will guide you through the process of getting all necessary approvals.  You’ll pay LESS, get the design you REALLY want, and probably pay far less for your FF&E.

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