There are very few "young" airliners in the U.S. – and many are more than 40 years old.   But they have to look absolutely perfect every day or you won't fly in them.  Here's why most old airplanes look better than most young hotels.

Commercial airliners in U.S. service get pounded daily by more weather than your property sees in a lifetime.  Inside, every seat and yard of carpeting is used and abused by six average loads of passengers per day for between 10 and 20 hours – 7 days per week – nearly 365 days per year.   In hotels we let our rooms and public spaces deteriorate for years before we upgrade them, but airlines "renovate" every day. 

Airlines learned long ago they have to keep their product fresh and new looking every day and every flight – or fly empty.  Out of necessity they developed a process, called PROGRESSIVE RENOVATION, to keep airplanes looking new all of the time. Progressive renovation is why you can't tell the difference between a 40 year old plane and a new model right off the assembly line.

Progressive renovation is not complicated, but it is a carefully programmed two step process.  First, every component is designed and selected to take abuse - and not just to save 20 cents per yard.  Then every piece of equipment and decor  is tracked, inspected, cleaned, updated or replaced on schedules set in advance.  Nothing looks older than it should because nothing is older than it should to be acceptable to customers.


You sell three "products" as a hotelier or hotel flag:  facility, service and location.

You and your competitors share the market value of your location, and service is primarily a function of your market segment.  Your facility, therefore, is the primary competitive tool you control to gain market share and generate higher revenues.  When you let your facility degrade, you push guests to your competition and you lose money.  

We know that fact, of course, and we also know that our product quality begins to slide the day we open.  Yet most hoteliers still renovate only every 5 – 10 years!    


When did you last spend a night - or even visit your room 207, or 107 or any other room?  Your guests stay there every night, and they intimately know every problem you don't.  You can pretend your eight year old stained carpet is okay, but your guests know it's not.


 NO!  It's actually cheaper.

Airlines work on much smaller margins than hotels, and they discovered years ago that progressive renovation is cheaper than the periodic renovation we practice.   That's because small repair and upgrade projects are cheaper than bigger projects.  

Let tile stay loose for even a couple of years and you will face expensive water damage, rot and odor problems.  Let your exterior lighting dim and you will throw your electricity dollars away with no appearance benefit.  Let your carpet sag and it will wear out twice as fast.  Allow your lounge and guest chairs to become wobbly, seat covers to remain torn or cushion stuffing to soften and you will be buying expensive replacements too early.

And don't forget the larger cost of REVENUE LOSS you will experience for years from poor reviews and lower demand as your decor becomes shoddy and your product slides downhill.   


No, but it does require a carefully planned process.  There are many types of Progressive Renovation, ranging from simple percentage of total rooms methods to carefully programmed replacement of components methods.  One plan may require that every sofa is replaced every 5 years on a staggered basis. Another may actually identify the sofa components that are wearing, such as cushion covers or stuffing, and replace just them on a schedule, while allowing the sofa frame to go as long as 8 – 10 years before replacement. Once the plan and schedule is developed, however, Progressive Renovation becomes much easier to accomplish than periodic renovation.   


Franchisors can be equally guilty of ignoring "guest realities," but they walk a tight line between asking for improvements and bowing in to owner pressure to allow standards to to be ignored. Every decision they make compromises between strong client-oriented owners AND owners who ignore the marketing impact of their facility choices.  The result has been tolerance for "roller coaster' cycles of deterioration and renovation followed by re-deterioration.   Your franchisor, however, is not responsible for your sales, and they earn revenues from a lot of hotels.  YOU have to be the master of YOUR marketing plan and your own strongest critic.  Let's face it:  franchisors never buy rooms and they get the same money whether the guest stays with you or with the "progressive" operator down the street.    You don't have that luxury.  Your ultimate inspector is your guest.

Hotel Makeover is pioneering progressive renovation in the hospitality industry.  

We know it intimately because we worked for years in the airline industry.  We offer several plans that will save you a fortune and keep your property always new and fresh to your guest. Importantly, we offer every type and every component of makeovers – from simple inspections – to scheduled maintenance – to total design – to PIP fulfillment – to long range renovation programming – to world wide purchasing – to turn-key construction.  That means we can evaluate, manage and furnish every aspect of the product you sell – at the lowest possible price

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