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Pioneering An Industry

We Solved A Long Standing Problem For The Hotel Industry - AND CREATED A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU!

In 1999, the lodging industry needed a new way to renovate hotels. Many hotel owners and operators then - and now - poorly manage the product they offer to guests. Renovation is, in fact, the most difficult problem most owners and operators face.


We Turned The Problem Into A Process

The hotel industry is centuries old, but most hotels today are franchised, and require frequent mandatory upgrades. More than 1 million lodging rooms must renovate every year, and industry sales exceed $12 Billion.

Hotel renovations are costly and complex, but Hotel Makeover developed a turn-key process to complete renovations faster, cheaper and better. Without us, hoteliers must manage expensive and complicated activities they know little or nothing about - often with disastrous results.


A Unique Business Opportunity

Our clients make just one call, and we do all the work.  We employ highly trained experts to provide the very complex processes of design, purchasing, logistics, project accounting and warranty administration from our central offices in Houston, Texas.  Your job as a Hotel Makeover business owner in your own protected territory is to meet and consult with local owners and operators, and manage the onsite details of their renovations.  

Thousands of Hotels Renovate Every Year, and They Need Your Help!

Become One Of Our Onsite Professionals

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